£5,000 to Start off the New Year at William Hill

Winning in a casino is always seen as a good thing; however when one is awarded an enormous amount of money that may sum up to £ 5,000, then this can be termed as an extraordinary offer. To cut this story short, this is the same amount a player may win when gaming in the Wish upon a Star slot. This slot game offers this amazing offer and is made available to its players via mobile devices or desktop at the William Hill casino.

£ 5,000 on William Hill’s Vegas Casino

Starting from today up to the midnight of Sunday the fifth day of this year, William Hill is scheduled to give out two awards which will act as the jackpot for the Wish upon a Star. These awards will be as follows:

  1. A player is guaranteed a win of a part of the £2000 cash prize with each £50-150 bet made or
  2. A player can win part of the £3000 cash prize in each £150 bet or any other amount beyond this that is placed.

However, this comes at a simple cost to a player. For one to be entitled to this special offer from the Wish upon Star Jackpot, he is supposed to just click on the promotion banner at William Hill’s Vegas tab. These two cash prizes will be shared between all those eligible players who have attained the required bet.

These offers can be acquired by both the desktop which accumulates a bet of £20 as well as mobile which accumulates a bet of £140 and the player gets a part of the £3,000 cash prize made from the £160 one bets with. This provides the player with the best moment to start his year with.  Being a winner in the beginning of the year provides a good environment throughout. Visit William Hill Vegas…