Cayman Islands should not rush gambling decision

The secretary to the Cayman Island Tourism Association has made it clear that this firm should not initiate the verdict of gambling. This however comes as their British compatriot based abroad claiming that they had already launched this strategy.

Reports from the website which claimed that the leader of Bermuda Craig Cannonier said that the act of initiating gambling would be done by the parliament through voting as opposed to having a referendum. According to the home media, it was claimed that this act of parliament would go through since many of the parliamentarians would vote for it.

Adam said that he saw no need of hurrying in the implementation of this as the case of Bermuda. This he said would allow them to study the variety of gambling clients that may find it appealing to them. He however said that it would give them some time to hear from the already existing clients on whether the introduction of the step would be appealing to them or not.

He went ahead to claim the there would be thorough investigation gambling professionals while also considering the effects gambling would have to the general public. This would give time to the CITA to take the right step in the in influencing the decision of the government on the gambling agenda. He however said that this verdict made by Bermuda would not affect Cayman and it can actually have some negative impacts on Bermuda.

He claimed that for long Cayman has been going against other Caribbean regions that still offer the betting and that the introduction of gambling in Bermuda would affect the guests that Cayman would be expecting. There was a high possibility that some of the guests would actually evade Bermuda and settle at Cayman due to the introduction of gambling by the former.