Mega Jackpot for Roulette Enthusiasts

topjackgamesThe start of a new month brings good tidings for online gamers, particularly those who are thrilled by Roulette. Online gaming giant Top jack Games has gone an extra mile to ensure that as you get the roulette thrill, you edge closer to being a multi-millionaire. Topjack Games made news by being the first company to have a roulette jackpot start at over a million. Titled Zero-2Hero, this jackpot roulette offers a Lloyd’s of London guaranteed jackpot of 2 million Euros. Zero-2-Hero comes as an additional gem to the glamorous crown of mega giveaways offered by Topjack Games. These include jackpots in 3D video slots, blackjack, keno, instant lotto, classic three reel slots, bingo, instant lotto, scratch cards and video poker. [Read more…]